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eCite™ - Electronic Traffic Citation Software
eCite™ is approved by the State of Florida as an electronic citation software solution. With advanced features, such as integration with your existing CAD system and your county Clerk’s office, eCite™ is a complete software solution to increase your agency’s efficiency and improve officer safety.
Officer Safety
In law enforcement, there is nothing more important than an officer’s safety. QuickTag™ is an integrated feature of eCite™ that allows officers to quickly query a license plate and it will automatically return all of the critical information for the vehicle and all registered owners.
Within seconds of querying a license plate, QuickTag™ will give audible and visual alerts for the following:
  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Stolen, Replaced, and Expired Tags
  • Career Offenders
  • Sexual Predators and Offenders
  • Suspended, Revoked, and Expired Drivers Licenses
Ease of Use
Through the use of multiple integrated features, eCite™ significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to issue a citation. There are several ways an officer can issue a citation: all of the information can be entered manually, driver and vehicle information can be transferred independently or all at once, or the license information can be transferred with the use of a magnetic strip reader.
Here’s an example scenario:
An officer on routine patrol utilizes QuickTag™ to query a Florida tag number. QuickTag™ returns all of the vehicle information along with the information for the registered owners within a few seconds. The query indicates the tag expired last month and the officer conducts a traffic stop on the vehicle. The officer confirms the driver is the registered owner and decides to issue them a citation.
With the click of one button, all of the vehicle and driver information is transferred to the citation. The location and time of the traffic stop can also automatically be transferred to the citation since eCite™ can be integrated with your CAD system.
All that’s left is to choose the statute information. eCite™ is pre-loaded with all of the Florida State traffic statutes and their corresponding fine amounts. The officer chooses the general category, in this case “TAG/REGISTRATION”, and then chooses the specific violation, “EXPIRED TAG LESS THAN SIX MONTHS”. This will auto-populate the appropriate fine and statute number. Just click print and eCite™ will automatically pull your next available citation number and issue and print the citation.
Software/Hardware Compatibility
eCite™ will work on any PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. eCite™ works on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
eCite™ will also work with virtually any printer. You can use both thermal and inkjet printers to print citations. The citations have been formatted to print on standard 8.5” x 11” paper, 8.5” thermal roll paper, and 4” thermal roll paper.
Common printers used with eCite:
  • Zebra RW420
  • Pentax PocketJet
  • HP Officejet 100
Some of our budget conscious agencies have even installed the HP Deskjet 1000 printer with a power inverter and were able to start issuing citations for approximately $50.00.
CAD Integration
eCite™ is able to integrate with Tiburon’s MobileCOM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software to automatically determine information about the traffic stop. The location, date, and time are automatically retrieved and populated into the traffic citation. If your agency uses incident numbers to track your citations, eCite™ can also automatically populate the citation with that information. Custom CAD integration is available for other dispatch software solutions as well.
County Clerk’s Office Integration
All of the issued citation data is stored in a secure, centralized database automatically after an officer issues each citation. The data can then be transmitted on a daily basis to your county Clerk’s office. eCite™ is approved to transmit the citation data in the latest format required by the Florida Association of Court Clerks, Traffic Citation Accounting Transmission System (TCATS) version 6.0.1.
Investigative Tool
As your agency issues electronic citations with eCite™, your investigative database and capabilities will grow. You’ll be able search numerous criterion against all of the issued citations, enabling you to associate vehicles, locations, and even other people with a suspect.
Call us at (855) 778-3241 so we can schedule a live demo and set your organization up with a fully functional evaluation copy of eCite™ immediately.
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