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eCite™ - Electronic Traffic Citation Software
eCite™ is the best software solution for Florida and Georgia’s law enforcement agencies to issue electronic traffic citations.
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eCite™ leads to $2 Million Meth Seizure
Polk County Sheriff’s Office narcotics detectives were on patrol in Frostproof, FL and utilizing the QuickTag™ feature of eCite™ to run license plates in the area. QuickTag™ identified the registered owner of a Jeep Cherokee, Scott Eargood, as having a suspended license.
Projects Currently Under Development

We’re in the process of developing and testing K9 Trax™, a law enforcement K9 records management software solution. Agencies will have a web based application to update training, deployment, and medical records for patrol, bomb, and narcotics canines.

With a centralized database, handlers will be able maximize their efficiency and eliminate the frustration of having to enter the same data into multiple applications. This will also give supervisors immediate access to all of their canine unit’s information, increasing accountability and reducing liability.

Handlers, trainers, and supervisors will be able to print customizable training, deployment and court reports on demand.

For more information about K9 Trax™ contact our Sales Department by clicking here.

We’re in the process of beta-testing Stat Trax™, a web based law enforcement activity software solution. It provides a central location for officers to keep track of their daily activities and important accomplishments.

Agencies can completely customize the stats they choose to monitor and for which unit they track them for. For example, a narcotics unit would track search warrants, a patrol unit would track the number of calls for service, and a traffic unit would track the number and type of citations issued.

All of the data is accessible to supervisors and administrators on a real-time basis, with customizable visual and exportable reports available on demand.

For more information about Stat Trax™ contact our Sales Department by clicking here.

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