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Why Choose Us?
Public Safety Technologies was formed by law enforcement officers after they experienced many years of using sub-standard software only because it was “the best available.” Michael McIntyre, who works in law enforcement and has over 15 years of experience as a software developer, founded Public Safety Technologies with this purpose in mind. As a result, he has developed software for law enforcement officers which increases their safety and efficiency but can be used intuitively with little or no training. The agencies deploying this technology today experience many benefits including increased revenue, expense control, and improved productivity.
What makes us different
We're different from most software companies because the products are developed by individuals who not only understand the perspective and needs of an officer today but also continue to use this software in their own daily activities. All of our employees remain active in law enforcement and as a result they have a full understanding of the specific software needs to successfully get the law enforcement job done.
Why our is software the best option
Our electronic traffic citation program, eCite™, has been streamlined to allow officers to issue traffic citations with only a few clicks. With one selection, an officer can transfer all of the violator’s driver license info, vehicle info, and traffic stop location info to a Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC). Two more selections result in all of the violation information (i.e. statute number, fine amounts, etc.) to be imported for the officer to easily and efficiently complete the ticket transaction. This system has the functionality to add additional violators or violations with just one click reducing the need to enter duplicate information as many ticket writing programs require today. This software can be customized to integrate with your existing Computer Aided Dispatch or Records Management Systems.
“Using eCite™ is so simple that I can conduct a traffic stop, issue and print a citation, give the citation to the violator and complete the traffic stop all before the dispatcher has a chance to follow up and check on my status.”
-   Deputy Sheriff D. Ogg, Polk County Sheriff's Office
We're there for you
Yet another reason to choose us is because we understand that law enforcement is not a Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM job which means our staff members are flexible to work with your organization’s needs when you need them.
Call us at (855) 778-3241 so we can schedule a live demo and set your organization up with an evaluation copy of our software immediately.
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